Stakeholders and their involvement

Acea, inspired by the principles and rules of conduct of the Group Ethical Code (2012 edition), encourages dialogue and discussion with its stakeholders22. An initial mapping, aimed at identifying the macro-categories of the parties concerned, was carried out, systematically, at the time of stock market listing; subsequently, these categories were further enhanced and diversified on a parallel with the development of the Group’s business sectors.

Opening up to the stakeholders, calling them not only to expresses themselves and manifest their requests but also to gain awareness of their role and their duties in dealings with the company, means boosting their participation in a policy-related scenario shared with Acea. This took place, during the day-to-day operations of the company, with the individual stakeholder segments affected by the various projects continued by the Group companies in different reference spheres. In fact, even if the macro-categories indicated in chart No. 8, also reflected in the value code, classify the main Group stakeholders, each one of them is in reality composite and diversified and likewise so are the methods for interacting and involvement.

Chart No. 8 – Acea and its stakeholders


NB: The type, the characteristics of the stakeholders and their relationships with the Company are illustrated, quantified and analyzed in the sections of the Sustainability Report.

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22 Stakeholders are those parties (understood in the sense of individuals, groups, organisations) which have significant dealings with the company and in whose interests they are for various purposes involved in the activities of the company due to the exchanges they have with the same or because they are significantly influenced by the same.



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The activities for the involvement of the stakeholders carried out by the corporate bodies and by the Group companies produce information which is used both to benefit the company and in the processing of the feedback, often operational, to the requests noted.

In the sections dedicated to illustrating relations between the company and the stakeholders, the numerous and various feedback or involvement initiatives are described.

In relation to the Community, Acea supports and takes part in numerous cultural, environmental, sporting and social initiatives also furthered by ONLUS (Non-profit making community work organisations) and organisations involved in the social sphere, thereby manifesting its sense of responsibility to the requests of the areas in which it is based, with a view to business citizenship. The customers are consulted in a structured manner via customer satisfaction surveys, carried out each year and aimed at revealing elements of satisfaction or criticalities with respect to the services provided, and via round tables consulting with the consumer protection associations and with the associations representing economic operators on aspects of shared interest. The outcomes of the customer satisfaction surveys and the encounters with the associations generate specific initiatives for the improvement of the services and the quality of the relationships with the company. Accordingly, for example, the joint settlement regulations and protocols were defined during the year, adopted by Acea Distribuzione and the commercial agreement between Acea Energia and the associates of Confcommercio Roma was renewed. The relationship with the shareholders is constantly overseen by the appointed company Division and with respect to the financial community and the ethical analysts the company sees to the contacts with the sector operators and monitors studies, publications and ratings on the Acea stock taking active part in the external appraisal processes.The interaction with the national and local institutions and with the competent authorities takes on the form of encounters, hearings and exchanges of information which lead to the development of collaboration regarding development and security of the area and handling of emergencies, such as that existing with the National Security Monitoring Centre (OSN) or with the Interministerial Technical Commissions for Civil Defence (CITDC - Home Office).With reference to the Human Resources, Acea implements integrated management systems, planning the consequent growth plans, the handling of the talent and the training courses in line with organisation needs; it periodically consults the workers’ representatives and defines trade union agreements on an on-going basis for the disciplining of the organisation of the professional life of its resources. Dealings with the suppliers are overseen systematically also by means of the exchange of views with territorial employers’ associations, which give rise to not only recurrent processings and adaptations of the Qualification Systems active within the Group, but also innovative sector protocols, such as that concerning water works tender contracts entered into during the year by Acea SpA, Acea Ato 2, the Trade Union Organisations and the Category Federations concerned.