The boundaries

This section deals with Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici, Acea Distribuzione, Acea Produzione and the A.R.I.A. waste-to-energy plants. Furthermore, the activities of SAO are described, a company which deals with the collection, recovery, treatment and disposal of waste, in a specific box.

The energy supply chain managed by the Acea Group includes the following activities:

  • production of electricity and heat;
  • electricity distribution in the Rome and Formello area, including the management of public lighting;
  • sale of electricity, heat and gas.

The action essential for guaranteeing a reliable supply of energy is manifold and interconnected, starting off from the need to make the production phase sustainable. In fact, problems of both an environmental nature come about at the electricity generation plants, linked to the choice of the primary sources and the methods for running the plant, and a social nature, deriving from the inevitable mistrust of the resident population with regard to the presence in the area of large industrial installations, as well as  linked to the management inexpensiveness (maintenance, modernisation, technological innovation, etc.). Furthermore, it is indispensable to be able to avail of a well-dimensioned and duly functioning distribution network, in which the energy flows are managed on a cost effective basis, with quality of the service and universal access. The end result depends on the contribution of each operator present in the segment assigned. Acea is aware that it is part of this chain of responsibility and faces the challenges investing in modern technological plants, in efficient networks and infrastructures, and in motivated and competent staff. Specifically, mention should be made of the heavy commitment made over the years for the modernisation, the improvement of the reliability and the technological innovation applied to the electricity distribution infrastructures: networks and stations (see Socio-economic relationships with the stakeholders, Customer and the community, Quality supplied in the energy area).