Environmental management

The Group’s main production plants have for some time been managed in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, to permit the highest level of environmental protection. Therefore, the process follows the principle of on-going improvement, satisfactorily experimenting the force of the ISO system approach which each year envisages the establishment of new efficiency and environmental protection goals.

Furthermore, during 2012 an Integrated Group Quality, Environment, Safety and Energy Policy was issued, which confirms the system approach.

Each year Acea’s commitment is therefore targeted at confirming the existing ISO certification and proceeding with the implementation of management systems at new sites. All the active Certification and European EMAS registrations were confirmed in 2012, concerning:

  • the thermoelectric and the main hydroelectric plants;
  • the San Vittore del Lazio waste-to-energy plant;
  • the Orvieto MSW treatment and disposal plant;
  • a number of water companies;
  • Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici and Acea Distribuzione.

Specifically, the hydroelectric plants A. Volta (Municipality of Castel Madama, RM) and G. Ferraris (Municipality of Saracinesco, RM) were certified for the first time in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard in July 2012. (also see Corporate identity, The management systems).

Despite the commitment of the operating companies to keep the management system which oversees environmental issues efficient, situations can come about, mostly caused by contingent circumstances, which generate non-compliances liable to fines applied by the Competent supervisory bodies. During 2012, Group companies received a total of around 600 monetary fines for a total value of Euro 544,132 (of which Euro 452,924 relating to Acea Ato 2, Euro 17,367 relating to Acea Ato 5, Euro 21,825 relating to Umbra Acque, and Euro 52,016 relating to Publiacqua).