Customers and the Community

The boundaries

The figures relating to the volume of customers refer to the Group; the figures relating to perceived quality, quality effectively supplied, customer care, tariffs and communications activities refer to a more limited sphere and to the operating companies referred to from time to time in the text.

The interaction between Acea, customers and the community is presented in the section jointly since the data and information concerning services provided (quality perceived, quality disbursed, customer care) refers mainly to Rome and province, where the two stakeholders almost coincide25 the volumes of the electricity and water service customers by contrast refer to all the areas served.

25The majority of the information in fact refers to end customers of the services provided in the area of Rome and province, where Acea manages the integrated water service, the electricity supply (even though the customer can choose from between various suppliers on the deregulated market), the distribution of energy and the public lighting service. Therefore, customers and the community are practically one and the same in this particular area. The figures (economic, environmental and in part social) relating to the investee companies, operative in other areas for the integrated water service, are present - often in aggregate form - in various sections of the report.