Acea Group customers

Electricity and gas service customers  

According to the most recent data26 Acea Energia is the third leading operator in Italy in terms of volumes sold on the end sales market for energy, with a market share of between 4% and 5%.

The changes in the energy market segments managed by Acea, considering the mass market segment (residential customers and VAT holders), confirmed in 2012 the trend seen in the previous two years, with a  drop of around 5% in “protected” customers and a rise of roughly 8% in “eligible market” customers; the gas market also rose, with an increase in customers of around 3% (see table No. 14).


  2010 2011 2012
protected market (No. of withdrawal points) 1,350,505 1,147,771 1,088,701
eligible market (No. of withdrawal points) 101,338 218,105 236,652
eligible gas market (No. of delivery points) 31,559 95,083 97,607

NB.: the withdrawal/delivery points of the residential and VAT number customer segments are taken into consideration


Box – The energy market segments

  • protected service: this is the service for the supply of electricity under economic and contractual conditions established by the Gas and Electricity Authority. Households and small businesses (under 50 workers and annual turnover not exceeding Euro 10 million, connected to low voltage supply) are served under protected conditions if they have never changed supplier, or if they have once again requested the application after having entered into contracts on the eligible market with other suppliers. The conditions of the protected service also apply to households and SMEs which remain without electricity suppliers, for example following the insolvency of the latter.
  • eligible market: this is the market were the economic and contractual conditions for the supply of electricity are agreed between the parties and not fixed by the Gas and Electricity Authority. Since 1 January 2003, customers have been able to freely choose which supplier of natural gas to use to purchase gas and as from 1 July 2007 which supplier and which conditions to choose for purchasing electricity. Those who exercise this right, enter into the so-called “eligible” market.

Source: Electricity bill glossary - AEEG.

26According to the Annual report on the state of the services and the activities carried out, 2012 edition, section Structure, prices and quality in the electricity sector, available on-line on the AEEG website, Acea is the second leading operator in Italy in terms of volumes sold to customers on the protected market, with a market share of 4.6%, andthe fourth leading operator in terms of volumes sold on the eligible market, with a share of 4.8%.

Water service customers

Acea is the leading operator in Italy for the integrated water service (collection, transportation, treatment, collect of waste water and purification) in terms of population served, with a customer base of around 8.6 million inhabitants in Italy. The company, traditional operator of the water service in Rome, has progressively extended its activities, becoming the reference operator care of other Optimum Areas of Operation (ATOs)27 in the provinces of Rome and Frosinone (Lazio), the provinces of Pisa, Florence, Siena, Grosseto, Arezzo and Lucca (Tuscany), in the areas which range from the Sorrentina peninsular to Vesuvian towns in the provinces of Naples and Salerno (Campania) and in the area of Perugia and Terni (Umbria). The Group also operates in a number of South American countries28.


Company Customers served Population served
Acea Ato 2 584,477 3,700,000
Acea Ato 5 188,214 460,000
Gori 539,710 1,437,000
Acque (*) 328,162 798,475
Publiacqua 382,417 1,258,938
Umbra Acque 230,000 511,000
Acquedotto del Fiora 234,132 412,372
Total 2,487,112 8,577,785
(*) the figures for Acque are as of 31 December 2011, since final 2012 data is not yet available

28 The national territory, on the basis of Italian Law No. 36/1994, so-called “Galli Law”, which reorganised the water services, is divided up into 92 Optimum Areas of Operation which take into account the water catchment areas. With regard to ATOs in which Acea operates through investee companies, please see the section dedicated to the main Group companies under Corporate Identity.
28 See the section Activities abroad