Communication, events and solidarity


External Affairs and Communication is the Division of the holding company which is tasked with overseeing the various forms of communication used by Acea to interact with the stakeholders and the social context which the company activities take place in.

Acea, which boast more than a century of business activities, has a consolidated presence and participates in the area: it contributes towards the achievement of cultural, sporting or environmental-interest events, it supports solidarity initiatives, and intervenes during manifestations and conventions linked to the core business activities.Furthermore, the company proposes advertising and awareness-raising campaigns addressing citizens, sees to relations with the press bodies, and furthers external communication by means of the company website.

The Acea –, prepared in an Italian and English version, conveys the institutional and financial communication of the Group and makes the contents available and updates them with the aim of satisfying the disclosure needs of the parties concerned. The website is divided up into theme-based sections, where it is possible to find information on corporate governance and the value codes; on sustainability, on quality and safety, view economic-financial documents, the stock performance of the market, the presentations and price sensitive communications, in line with Consob recommendations on listed companies. There are areas present on the home page dedicated to news - daily updates on company activities and broader topics on energy, water and the environment - and to events furthered by the Group companies. Particular attention has been focused on matters linked to the subject of sustainability: in order to implement the informative contents and stimulate the visitors to reflect, information has been included in the news for the last quarter of 2012, on a weekly basis, relating to events and publications on important topics such as smart grids, renewable cities, energy system, climate changes, conservation of nature, etc.. Furthermore, during the year the section of the website dedicated to the Sustainability of the Group was renewed and updated and, in the section dedicated to Rules and Values, following adoption of the new Ethical Code, the contents were completely overhauled.

The part of the website dedicated to communication activities presents the main initiatives which the company is involved in, the daily press review, the company magazine archive, the advertising campaigns, a “close up look” section and an audio/video area.In conclusion, specific sections have been drawn up for the suppliers and whomever is interested in working for the company.

From the company website one can access the two energy and water macro-areas, where information on the operating companies in the energy and water sectors is available along with links to the websites of a number of Group companies. Specifically, the websites of the companies which manage the services make information available to the customers which the latter may require along with the “on-line counters” via which it is possible to carry out most of the commercial transactions remotely.

On a consistent basis with the greater attention dedicated to aspects of sustainability, as from March 2012 A.R.I.A. (Acea Risorse e Impianti per l’Ambiente), in the energy area, made the emissions, monitored in real time, by the waste-to-energy plant,fuelled by WDF, at San Vittore del Lazio, available on-line.

In conclusion, once again in 2012 websites have been created which host the on-line and interactive versionsof the Group Consolidated Financial Statements and Sustainability Report (referring to the 2011 accounting period), in Italian and English.

During 2012, the company website received 1,020,749 visits in total, 15% more than the 886,375 in 2011, with a monthly average of around 85,000 visits, of which roughly 70% were “new visitors”.

All the access indicators illustrated in chart No. 22 rose considerably between 2012 and the previous year. The pages visited the most, besides the home page (24.60%), were access to the energy section (6.62%), the page with the free-phone numbers and opening hours of the counters in the Acea Energia Customers Area (5.03%), the water section (4.63%), the Acea SpA section (4.57%) and the Communications area (3.63%).

The website of the companies which manage the services were much more frequently visited than in 2011: the Acea Energia website - - the company which sees to the sale of electricity and gas, reported 1,223,595 visits, + 60.6% with respect to the 762,000 visits in 2011,the Acea Ato 2 website - - the company which manages the water service in Rome and the other municipalities of ATO 2 – Central Lazio, reported 435,947 visits, + 25.6% with respect to the 347,060 in 2011, and the Acea Ato 5 website - - the company which provides the integrated water service in Frosinone and the other municipalities in ATO 5 - Southern Lazio, with 136,308 visits, + 28% with respect to the 106,419 visits last year. 

Chart No. 22– Acea website: The main indicators(monthly averages 2010-2012)

Chart No. 22– ACEA WEBSITE: THE MAIN INDICATORS (monthly averages 2010-2012)

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The Press Office Unit, within the External Affairs and Communications Division, oversees the dealings with press bodies. Every day, it drafts the press review of the leading Italian broadsheets and a number of local newspapers, making it available to colleagues via the company intranet. External parties are also offered accurate and up-to-date information: on the Acea website, in fact, there is an area which contains a specific press review on the water sector and a selection from the main review; when possible, the web space also includes television and radio services on the company,

The reports, relating to the services handled by the Group, conveyed by the newspapers, are precisely responded to by the Press Office. Such activities are carried out in close collaboration with the competent operating companies and interacting with the editorial staff of the newspapers willing to publish the company’s responses. Other reports are received via e-mail, fax and direct telephone calls and receive prompt responses.In particular, during 2012 attention was focused on the electricity and gas sales service and, via the Press Office, Acea Energia representatives took part in national television and radio programmes so as to clear up some of the problems which had taken place with regard to billing, further to the change in the computerised management system, in the second half of 2011. The Press Office circulated a number of Press Releases aimed at explaining that these problems were being progressively sorted out. (Also see the section Customer care).

Press releases highlight the most important events, and, in the case of economic-financial disclosure, following shareholders’ and board meetings or at the time of publication of financial statements and reports, the Press Office works together with the Investor Relations Division.

Fact sheets disclosed via the media or on the institutional website emphasise the Group’s specific activities and draw attention to the main manifestations, conventions, cultural, sporting and socio-environmental events which Acea takes part in as sponsor, with the setting up of exhibition areas or the support of its speakers.

During 2012, the Press Office paid particular attention to initiatives on the quality of the water distributed in Rome, which saw the creation of technical round tables between Acea Ato 2 and the Local Health Authorities, and on the subject of electric mobility, which continued to be topical for the company, thanks to the agreements signed in 2011 with Fiat for the creation of an electric company fleet (the first batch of 40 vehicles has already been operative since last year), and with Enel and Rome City Council68 for zero-emission mobility, with the installation of 200 recharging stations for electric vehicles (100 by Enel and 100 by Acea) equipped with technology capable of permitting interoperability between the infrastructures of the two companies (see related box on Quality supplied). The subject of intelligent networks – smart grids – was also highlighted thank to Acea Distribuzione’s commitment; it is progressively applying technological innovation to the energy distribution networks of the Capital.

The attention of our customers was directed to the first settlement protocol in Italy in the sphere of electricity distribution, entered into between Acea Distribuzione and the leading consumer Associations, which makes an out-of-court settlement possible for disputes, and the new functions of the on-line counter activated by Acea Energia (also see the section Customer care).

In conclusion, the Press Office supported the work of the Acea Emergency service teams, in the water and electricity area, who came into action so as to deal with the problems due to the snow emergency in Rome (see related box).

68 Following the memorandum of intent, entered into by Acea and Enel in February 2011, for the installation of 200 recharging stations for electric vehicles, the agreement was finalised in April 2012 with a new memorandum also signed by Rome City Council. During 2012, the implementing stage of the project was launched.

Box -  Acea rewards the task force for keeping its cool in the snow (4.16)

Between the end of January and February 2012, abnormal weather conditions affected Rome, which was covered in a thick blanket of snow.  The heavy snowfall and the icy wind, which swept from the coast to the historic heart of Rome, persisted and created a state of emergency due to natural calamity A task force of 45 Acea Emergency Service teams, from the water and electricity sectors, 3 daily shifts covering 24 hours, was brought into action to deal with the exceptional wave of bad weather.

Acea, in constant co-ordination with Rome City Council’s Civil Defence Agency, involved blue-collars, office workers and engineers who took part in the risk management activities according to the Snow and Ice Plan, implementing the services on the basis of the levels of criticality reported. The emergency also affected the municipalities in the province of Rome and Frosinone where the employees of the Group companies worked flat out to ensure water and electricity services, despite the terrible conditions.

Acea at the forefront, to ensure its services in the face of difficulties and unexpected events with a sole objective: supporting citizens. Service spirit and ability to innovate, at any cost and not always in the best conditions…”. These are the words which accompanied the images shown at the “La Fornace” Conference centre during a prize-giving ceremony, held in April, when Acea wished to thanks its employees for their professional approach and commitment shown.

Once again in 2012, ventures continued for raising the awareness of customers and citizens with regard to the value of the services provided, including the up-dating of the information relating to the lighting designs system of the capital (lighting units, LED bulbs, network length, lighting efficiency, etc), published on the company website, and the launch of a campaign for informing the citizens of the quality of the drinking water, furthered by the Coop and in collaboration with Federutility (see related box).

Box –Acea: Coop and Federutility, maximum transparency on water 

The quality of tap water at the forefront in the national campaigns launched by Coop together with Federutility in November 2012.

For Rome the initiative: Maximum transparency on water availed itself of Acea’s collaboration. Thanks to the agreement, in 500 Coop supermarkets and hypermarkets, present in Italy, consumers will find a sign with the main chemical and physical characteristics of the drinking water, updated periodically by the local operators of the aqueducts. The characteristics of the drinking water to be indicated on the signs have been identified in agreement with the National Institute of Health. The parameters are nine: concentrations of hydrogen ions (pH), chlorides, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, dry residue at 180°, hardness, fluorides and sodium. For each one of these, the consumer will find the limits envisaged by law and the value analysed in the pertinent area. The quality of water intended for human consumption, disciplined by Italian Legislative Decree No. 31/2011, envisages controls carried out by the operators and controls carried out by the Health Authorities.

“Rome’s water is guaranteed around the clock”, emphasised the Chairman of Acea Ato 2, during the presentation of the initiative. ‘’We have guaranteed water quality for 100 years – he confirmed – and Rome’s water is hygienically guaranteed from a microbiological point of view and also has a fair degree of mineralisation. In just one year in Rome, more than 200,000 checks are carried out and continuous controls have been enhanced”. A map of Rome is available on the websites  and  with links to the water quality analysis tables.

With regard to important initiatives supporting civil society, in 2012 Acea wished to sponsor Rome Capital Museums System so as to promote culture and art in the series of municipal museums and archaeological sites open to Roman citizens and numerous visitors. In order to support the initiative a campaign was created, intending to emphasise Acea’s active presence in the every-day life of the city  and turn to account the sponsoring, in terms of qualified notoriety. Graphically, the brand envelops the images and focuses on two photographic subjects: a classic one, which reproduces a sculpture of the Capitoline Museums, and the other more modern, which depicts a scientific instrument exhibited at the Planetarium. The text associates the concept of the geographic stronghold of the company, which translates into “certainty” supporting beauty and culture. The campaign was planned between December 2012 and January 2013 in a number of newspapers, on interactive media stations and postcards created to turn to account the sponsorship directly in the museums.

Rome Capital Museums System

An Ad was then presented alongside the Rome Capital Museums campaign, created at the time of participation in the IXth edition of Movi&co. The competition, presented in Venice during the International Film Festival, concluded on 13 December 2012 with the prize-giving ceremony at the Milan Triennial. The video created for Acea on the sponsoring of the Rome Capital Museums, entitled Gesti (Gestures), received the Best Production and Creation Prize (see the related box).

Box – Movi&Co 2012: “best production” goes to the Gesti video created for Acea

Acea has been a partner of Movi&Co for some years, a competition dedicated to aspiring young directors aged between 18 and 35. The videomakers taking part in the competition are required to flank the entrepreneurial business partners of the initiative, two for each company, working on the subject proposed by the company. The IXth edition of Movi&Co entitled the competition Guarda il Futuro (Look to the future) inviting young directors and partner companies to reflect, via the lens of communication and audio-visual instrument, on how to reconceive the future in a sustainable key.

Acea responded to the invitation, commissioning two topics linked to environmental and social responsibility: support for civil society via the promotion of art and culture (Ad on the sponsorship of the Rome Capital Museums System) and technological innovation for sustainable growth in the city (Ad on smart grids). The jury appreciated both videos created for Acea and that dedicated to the Rome Capital Museums System, entitled Gesti (Gestures), won the Best Production and Creation Prize.

The winning Ad placed in relation our daily gestures, linked to the services provided by the company: water, light and gas, and the art and culture contexts which Acea wished to promote. Thus, the opening of a tap to an artistic fountain, the switching on of a household light to an illuminated corridor of a museum, were associated for example. The idea, expressed in various ways, gave visual and evocative force to the final pay off of the Ad: Acea. We transform every one of your ordinary gestures into an extraordinary emotion.

Likewise original was the creative idea conceived for the Ad on the Smart grids: images of “smart” life, characteristic of the future, revolve around an object from the past: a musical box.

Both the videos are available in the Communication section - Audio/Video Area - Movi&Co on the website

The Editorial Contents Units, within the External Affairs and Communication division, also continued in 2012 with the activities for updating the information on, the environment website dedicated to schools. Besides the news updates at local, national and international level, numerous initiatives furthered by  Acea with regard to the development of clean energy sources, the protection of water sources and environmental sustainability have also been highlighted.

During the 2012 Rome Marathon, supported by Acea in its capacity as sponsor, the company furthered an eco-sustainability initiative providing a clear message for attention to the environment, and in fact decided to creatively and originally recover and re-use non-woven fabric advertising banners, produced for sporting events, by means of a project entitled 1 km of shopping bags (see related box).

Box – Rome Marathon: Acea, a kilometre of shopping bags using advertising banners 

The advertising banners created using non-woven fabric for the Rome Marathon, which Acea is title sponsor of, have a second life becoming exclusive bags. An original and intelligent way to re-use the material which otherwise would be dispersed in the environment.

Thus Acea Energia, who wished to launch the initiative during the 18th edition of the Rome Marathon, held on 18 March 2012, turned up with 1km of shopping bags, thanks to the recovery of the banners from the previous edition of the sporting event, and made then available at its stands at the Marathon Village, disclosing an important message on attention to the environment.

Each shopping bag is unique and exclusive: the procedure in fact re-uses the material irrespective of the graphic aspect, thereby obtaining the creation of articles which are different. The bags - created in two models: a large one and a mini-bag - are complete with identification tags featuring the limited number and the reference event.

We have created 1 km of shopping bags – revealed Acea Energia’s Managing Director – and accordingly the waste of the materials created for the Marathon has decreased, with benefits in terms of a reduction in waste disposal costs but above all else in environmental terms. The objective is to repeat the venture in other contexts as well.

The events which involved universities, lower middle and high schools, and primary school pupils, included the 19th edition of the School Volleyball Tournament– Acea Trophy: the annual appointment, a point of reference for those who love this sport, saw 168 male and female teams battle over a period of three months, involving a total of around 3,000 youngsters. The winner of the first prize of the Acea Trophy – a competition for the creation of a slogan on renewable energies - was a student in the last year of the scientific high school Morgagni, who proposed the slogan Rinnova la tua vita, sostieni il sostenibile (Renew your life, support sustainable). By contrast, the first edition of Impariamo dall’acqua dedicated to water aspects was a project which envisaged the creation of a cycle of lessons which involved  20 schools and Acea Group employees and managers among the teaching staff, having agreed to make their expertise available (see related box). In conclusion, the Acqua Spreco Zero initiative was continued, furthered by the Rome City Council Office for Educational and Scholastic Policies, organised by the  Next Generation Act associations, in collaboration with Acea. The project involved 280 youngsters from 43 middle school classes in Rome, who, after having following an educational course on the subject of savings water sources, designed drawings on the subject, 11 of which received prizes and were selected for the communication campaign Save the water, save the future launched on the Acqua Spreco Zero website.

Box- Impariamo dall’acqua, with the collaboration of Acea

During 2012, the first edition of the Impariamo dall’acqua project was held, furthered and organised byAssociazione Museo Energia, in collaboration with Federutility and Acea, and with the support of Roma Tre University and the Associazione Nazionale Dirigenti e Alte Professionalità della Scuola (Anp) as well as the MIUR’s Committee for the Development of Scientific and Technological Culture. The initiative involved 20 schools from Rome and the province, envisaged a series of lessons given by experts, including Acea managers and employees, and the selection of the more than fifty drawings from among the many sent in by high school students, and their publication in the Energy School section of the website .

The aim of the project was to create an occasion for discussion among sector experts, teaching staff and students, so as to boost reflection on the various aspects of water. The water theme was in fact looked at in-depth from a historic, economic, social, environmental and cultural point of view, encouraging the implementation of informed conduct. A different way of teaching which actively involved the youngsters in the sustainable development of tomorrow’s society.

Each year Acea allows a wide range of public - ranging from school children to sector operators - to visit its plants relying on the willingness and expertise of its  staff: in 2012, 328 individuals were received, from both Italy and overseas.

Events and solidarity

The economic value distributed to the community in 2012 came to Euro 4.7 million (67), down with respect to the Euro 5.6 million last year. Of this amount, the majority was set aside for sponsoring cultural, social and sporting events (around Euro 4 million). The amounts set aside for charitable donations to associations with social and not-profit making aims, amounted to roughly Euro 315 thousand.

Furthermore, via “technical sponsorships”  Acea offers its services - such as the supply of electricity and water, public lighting measures - during events which see the large-scale participation of citizens, cultural and sporting in type, which animate the city benefiting residents and tourists alike. 2012 Technical sponsorships”, involved an economic value amounting to around Euro 112,000.

Acea supported or sponsored numerous initiatives in 2012, some of which have been recalled above. There were many events linked to environmental aspects, associated with the Group’s activities, a number of important appointments such as the Festival dell’Energia, the Forum Green Energy and MoTechEco, addressing experts, and others more popular, aimed at raising the awareness of a wider public or youngsters, such as the Green Movie Film Fest or Acqua spreco zero. With regard to culture, in 2012 Acea sponsored the Rome Capital Museums System and numerous other events, concerts, conferences and initiatives which during the Summer or in holiday periods involved the people of the city, and in conclusion sport, in the various events mainly participated in by youngsters, without forgetting the traditional City marathons, which by now see a very high attendance rate, and the sponsoring of nation basket ball and volley ball teams (see related boxes).

Each year the company makes the lobby at the headquarters in Rome available, so as to permit Associations involved in social work to organise charitable events and funding raising. During 2012, the following were accommodated:

  • The ACLI – Acea Unit, for a charity sale aimed at raising funds in favour of Casa Betania, involved in activities supporting women suffering hardship and difficulties, held on 19 March 2012
  • ROMAIL Onlus - the Italian Association for the fight against leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma which supports scientific research and homecare -  for the sale of Easter Eggs, on 21 March 2012, and for the sale of Poinsettias, on 6 December 2012, for the purpose of fund raising.

During the Christmas festivities, what is more, Acea wished to offer its contribution to the Municipality of Finale Emilia, located in the area seriously hit by the earthquake in May 2012, for the construction of a multipurpose gym (supply of electrical switchboards) in the New School Complex.

(67) This item also includes the costs incurred for “trade fairs and conventions” but not the “technical” sponsorships.

The main events supported by Acea throughout 2012 – through sponsorships or donations – are illustrated in the boxes below, divided up according to the aim and explaining how the company participated.

Box – 2012: Acea’s commitment to youngsters and the environment

  • sponsor of the 2012 edition of the Festival dell’Energia, the leading national event which brings together representatives from scientific, academic, institutional and economic circles with the aim of developing debate on energy aspects. The event was held in Perugia in June 2012 (ALLEA Srl).
  • sponsor of the second edition of the 2012 Green Energy Forum. The event, organised by ABI, was held at Palazzo Altieri in Rome during June 2012 and envisaged two days of workshops, seminars and round tables dedicated to the subject of renewable energies and energy efficiency (Abiservizi SpA)
  • contribution towards the achievement of the Scienza e società di domani …. conference Il mondo che verrà, organised in collaboration with Università degli Studi Roma Tre, which was held in Rome on 24 January 2012 (Centro Studi FxR).
  • sponsor of the first edition of the Green Movie Film Fest, which was held in Rome in July 2012 at the Casa del Cinema. During the film festival, aimed at raising public awareness of environmental matters, not only were documentaries, short and long films shown, but encounters and debates on the subject were also organised. (L’Aurora Srl)
  • sponsor of A corto d’ambiente, a short film competition focusing on environmental matters, which was held during Lungo il Tevere Roma, one of the most popular events during Estate Romana, the Roman Summer festival (Overanta Srl)
  • contribution towards l’Ambiente si Nota - Festival degli strumenti musicali riciclati 2012, whose first edition was held in November at the Auditorium Parco della Musica (Associazione Pentapolis)
  • sponsor of MoTechEco 2012, the festival dedicated to new technologies for sustainable mobility and national and local plans for development of the same, held in Rome in May 2012. (Green Action Srl)
  • sponsor of Il fotovoltaico per Roma, Capitale della sostenibilità ambientale conference, which was held in Rome in April 2012 (Green Action Srl)
  • sponsor of RE BOAT RACE, the first Italian regatta of boats made from recovered and recycled materials, which was held in September 2012 on the EUR lake in Rome (ASD Sunrise 1)
  • sponsor of Movi&Co. 2012, the competition which has the twofold aim of building a bridge between the creativity of the young competitors, aged between 18 and 35, and the reality of the world of employment, and offering companies the possibility to submit their image to the creative inspiration of young videomakers called to create Ads, videos or short films. (Expo & Average Communication Srl)
  • sponsor of the Concorso internazionale Centro/Periferia for young artists, promoted by Federculture, whose theme was the drawing together of emerging situations in large towns and cities and peripheral situations, involving alienation and involvement. More than 500 young artists took part and a collective exhibition was arranged for the 28 finalists at Hadrian’s temple in Rome, during June 2012.
  • sponsor of the 2012 edition of the School Volley ball Tournament–Acea Trophy, dedicated to middle and high schools in Rome and the province and organised by Fipav Lazio. The 19th edition of the tournament saw the participation of 168 male and female teams representing around 100 schools. The prize-giving ceremony for the Competitions associated with the tournament, with the awarding of scholarships to deserving students, was held at the end of May 2012 care of the Headquarters of Corriere dello Sport  (Fipav Lazio)
  • sponsor of the venture Acqua spreco zero, the environmental education project dedicated to furthering water savings and informed use of the natural resource which was held in February and May 2012 care of various Roman schools. The initiative is part of the various proposals of the  Chiare, fresche e dolci acque project, furthered by the Rome City Council Agency for Educational and Scholastic Policies (Next Generation Act)
  • sponsor of Impariamo dall’acqua, a cycle of lessons/debates regarding water issues aimed at high school students in Rome which also involved Acea staff, in the capacity of teachers (Associazione Museo Energia)
  • sponsor of the Rinnatural game devised to further the subject of eco-sustainability with primary school children and specifically those in the fifth year. It is a board game on energy saving and renewable energy, focusing on the four natural environments from which the resources originate: the Earth, the Sun, the Air and the Water (360 - Treseizero Srl).

Box – 2012: Acea’s commitment to culture and sport

  • sponsor of the Rome Capital Museums System comprising a series of museums and archaeological sites in the Capital, including the Capitoline Museums, the Museo della Civiltà Romana, the Mercati di Traiano and the Museo dei Fori Imperiali; the Municipal Modern Art Gallery and many others. Accordingly, Acea has supported ventures accomplished during 2012 in the various sites which citizens and visitors make use of. (Zètema Progetto Cultura Srl)
  • sponsor of the Lezioni di Musica 2012 cycle, organised by the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and the Fondazione Musica per Roma, which was held in May at the Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma(Fondazione Musica per Roma)
  • sponsor of the event Romanticamente, il Festival dell’amore raccontato, which was held in February 2012 care of the Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma (Euro Forum Srl)
  • sponsor for the 2012 season of the programme of events of the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome (I Borghi Srl)
  • sponsor of Centrale Live – Roma – Foro Italico for the Summer events- theatre, music, comedy – which were held in June and July 2012 at the Foro Italico di Roma (Amedea Srl)
  • sponsor-partner of the 2012 edition of the Roman Carnival which envisaged architectural projections on the facade of Porta del Popolo and the fountain in Piazza del Popolo, between 11 and 21 February 2012 (Zètema Progetto Cultura Srl)
  • sponsor of the event Roma si mette in luce 2012, which involved the city, with particular light and sound installations, shows and artistic performances between November 2012 and January 2013 (Laura Rossi International)
  • sponsor of Gay Village 2012, the event was held in Rome at the Parco del Ninfeo in the EUR district, between June and September, involving numerous initiatives, from cinema, theatre, sport to concerts (Artmediamix Srl)
  • sponsor of the Roma Città Natale events which were held between 8 December 2012 and 9 January 2013 and of the Grande Concerto di Capodanno in Rome. The New Year’s Eve show, organised in Via dei Fori Imperiali, featured great names from Italian light music and was attended by around 200,000 people. (Zètema Progetto Cultura Srl)
  • sponsor of the All’Ombra del Colosseo 2012 manifestation, comedy shows which were staged at the Parco del Celio between June and September 2012 as part of the Estate Romana festival (ACSD Castellum)
  • sponsor of the 2011-2012 sporting season of M. Roma Volley, the A1 division male volley ball team (M. Roma Volley SpA)
  • main sponsor of the 2012 edition of the traditional sporting manifestation Maratona della città di Roma – Trofeo Acea, the most highly-attended athletic event in Italy, which was held on 18 March with the starting line in Via dei Fori Imperiali (Atielle Roma Srl) and major sponsor of the Rome-Ostia Mini Marathon which was held on 26 February 2012 (Roma Ostia Srl)
  • sponsor of the Del Monte Coppa Italia A1 Final Four volley ball event which was played in February 2012 at the Palalottomatica in Rome (Volley events 2020)
  • main sponsor and title sponsor, for the 2011-2012 season, of the Virtus Roma basketball team, now Acea Roma (Pallacanestro Virtus srl)
  • sponsor of the 2012 Mille Miglia, the vintage car race which each year, along the Brescia-Rome-Brescia stretch passing through 56 Italian municipalities, sees the best models in automobile history race. During 2012, the event was held between 16 and 20 May. (Gruppo Meet)
  • sponsor of the Granfondo 2012 di Roma, cycling event for professional and amateurs which saw more than 4,000 Italian and foreign participants. The race was held on 14 February 2012 along 2 different technical routes,  92 and 148 km, starting off from the city centre and arriving at the Castelli Romani (Bicitaly Srl)
  • sponsor of the Gran Premio della Liberazione, the cycling race which was held in Rome on 25 April 2012 (Velo Club Primavera Ciclistica)
  • sponsor of We Run Rome 2012, a competitive sporting event put together to promote light athletics (Fidal Lazio)

Box – 2012: Acea’s commitment to solidarity

  • contribution towards Tutti insieme 2012. The initiative envisaged a special edition of the show Attenti a quei due staged in Italian theatres by Luca Barbarossa and Neri Marcorè for the purpose of achieving a new solidarity project in the Campus Produttivo della Legalità e Solidarietà, an area of 27 hectares, close to the Capital. The contribution in particular concerned the construction of photovoltaic greenhouses installed by Acea intended for biological cultivation and the creation of a “Cittadella dello Sport” (Fondazione Parco della Mistica Onlus).
  • contribution for the 2012 information and prevention social campaign entitled Il capolavoro sei tu within the sphere of the Uniti per vincere i disturbi del comportamento alimentare project (Donna Donna Onlus).
  • contribution for supporting the Calciosociale initiative. The project mainly intends to involve youngsters resident in the area of Corviale, undergoing social hardship and the non-profit bodies and associations which carry out there activities in the area. The aim is to use the sports centre as a place capable of contributing towards the prevention of criminal and social deviance and provide a suitable educational proposal. (Calcio sociale SSD).
  • sponsor of Canto di Natale. Un messaggio d’amore , organised at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, on 19 December 2012. The proceeds from the evening, which saw the participation of various Italian light music artists and celebrities from the world of show business, were assigned to the Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù in Rome (Associazione Comunicazione Reale).
  • sponsor of the Gran Galà per la Croce Rossa Italiana. A concert of the Conductor Uto Ughi who played together with the Filarmonici di Roma at the Auditorium Parco della Musica di Rome, on 18 December 2012; the proceeds were assigned to support the initiatives of the Italian Red Cross for youngsters in conditions of economic and social hardship.
  • contribution towards the Leggere/leggeri  venture, a literature programme, dedicated to children and parents of different nationalities, which was held at the Teatrodue every Sunday morning in March and April 2012 (Cooperativa sociale Abitus)
  • contribution towards the Sognando Itaca – regata per la vita initiative, a trip on a sailing boat with a crew of professional skippers, patients under rehabilitation, doctors, nurses and psychologists which took place on 21 June 2012, for the purpose of spreading sailing therapy as a psychological rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of life method for haematological sufferers (AIL)
  • contribution for the construction of a multipurpose gym (supply of electrical switchboards) in the New School Complex of the Municipality of Finale Emilia, seriously hit by the earthquake in May 2012 (Municipality of Finale Emilia)
  • contribution for the holding of a Charity Dinner in favour of the population of Haiti, seriously affected by the earthquake in 2010. The fundraising evening was held on 17 November at the Teatro 10 at Cinecittà (J/P Haitian Relief Organization)

Also outside the Capital, in the area where the activities of certain Group operating companies exist, Acea sponsored the concert of the group Negrita care of the Mandela Forum in Florence in January 2012; it was the title sponsor for the 2012 season of the female hockey team at the Libertas San Saba di Prato sports centre; it also contributed towards the achievement of a project, Differenzio anche io – 2012, involving information, education and awareness raising on subjects of environmental education and the correct disposal and recovery of waste. The project mainly addresses youngsters in year IV and V of the primary schools in the Municipality of Aprilia, and also involves families, teachers and citizens. In conclusion, Acea contributed towards the realisation of the book 10 anni, la nostra storia, published for the ten-year anniversary of the formation of Acquedotto del Fiora SpA. The book is full of icongraphic materials and narrates the main stages of the company, also by means of the direct testimony of the employees.