Social activities

The boundaries

The information and data presented in the Social activities section refers to: Acea SpA, Acea Distribuzione, Acea Illuminazione Pubblica, Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici, Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5, LaboratoRI,  Acea8cento, Acea Energia holding, Acea Energia and Acea Produzione

The Staff Recreational Association (CRA), the Gold Medal Association (see related box) and the National Association for Disabled and Invalid Civilians (ANMIC) are the main organisations that provide social activities in-house directly involving the employees.

The Staff Recreational Association (CRA) proposes cultural, sporting, tourism, welfare, economic, commercial initiatives, etc. with the purpose of turning to account the leisure time of the members, without losing sight of the social utility aspects.

The members enrolled in the Staff Recreational Association (CRA), including the executives, increased during 2012 reaching 4,602 individuals  (4,583 in 2011), and numerous requests to use the various services offered were made, as occur every year, thanks to their quality and the contained costs involved (see table No. 67).

The CRA followed the activities of the company crèche, open to the children of both employees and residents of the 1st Municipality, which in 2012 looked after 43 children in the first half of the year and 41 in the second half, and awarded a number of scholarships to employees’ children, high school or university students, deserving due to the results achieved in their studies.

The Staff Recreational Association is also responsible for the agreements with institutes which offer services such as supplementary healthcare to company employees and their dependent family members, the provision of dentistry services free-of-charge to employees and their dependent family members, the disbursing of personal loans at soft rates, free legal advice and the offer of tourism, sporting, recreational and cultural activities, at convenient costs (see table No.  67). The CRA has also activated over the years number agreements and conventions benefiting the members including the agreement with a telephone services operator so as to offer Group employees the possibility of purchasing prepaid telephone cards, at advantageous prices, for telephone and internet traffic and state-of-the-art electronic devices; the ticket sales services relating to sporting, theatrical and musical events and the bill payment, telephone recharges service.

Box – In remembrance of Don Franco Zucchelli, Acea’s spiritual guide

Way back in 1964, a young priest from the diocese of Lodi, ordained some months earlier by the Bishop Tarcisio Vincenzo Benedetti, arrived in Rome to meet our predecessors at the helm of the company, offering to play the role of spiritual guide.

Don Franco tirelessly worked to draw Church and the working environment closer together. These were the years of the first working-class priests, arising from the wave of renewal which followed the Second Vatican Council and the young priest was precisely one of these innovative ministers capable of being a worker among workers, making himself available to all those who were to manifest the desire to growth in the knowledge of the revealed word and agreeing to preach the catechism between a manoeuvre in the station and a repair at Peschiera. His presence, discrete and reassuring, accompanied both the happy and painful moments of many colleagues, creating an occasion for encounter and religious formation.

Don Franco Zucchelli from Lodi, Acea’s spiritual guide for nearly 50 years ended his earthly journey on the night of 23 December 2012. We are certain that the love and kindness which he generously wished to spread throughout our company, will receive just recognition.

Acea’s workers.

During the year, the CRA supported solidarity initiatives, for example organising- together with the Community of Sant’Egidio - the offer of meals to the homeless at holiday times, and the “solidarity dinner” in collaboration with Associazione Irene Onlus. Among the charitable initiatives of particular importance was the donation in favour of the Association Tuluile Bantu Onlus, an organisation involved in the promotion and defence of human rights in Africa.

Table No. 67- Members who use CRA services (2010-2012)

(number) 2010 2011 2012
Members using tourism services 1,397 1,026 1,140
Members benefiting from sporting grants 498 590 574
Youngsters attending summer camps 284 171 150
Youngsters benefiting from study holidays. 38 0 0
Members paying insurance premiums in instalments 1,653 1,861 1,729
Members paying instalments on purchases 192 167 91
Members enrolled in the Italian Touring Club (T.C.I.) 58 41 36
Medical insurance reimbursements 768 831 1,082
Members benefiting from “Epiphany” gifts 707 707 763
Members who benefited from scholarships 73 69 64

The Gold Medal Association  

The Gold Medal Association, established in 1956, involves members who are pensioners and employees with at least 20 years of company service; this Association had 956 members as of 31 December 2012, of which 760 pensioners and 196 employees in service.

The Association provides the members with assistance in relation to social security, taxes and insurance and furthers occasions for getting together by means of the activation of social, formative, cultural and tourism ventures.

In detail, during 2012 it took steps to:

  • organise 2 social days, acknowledging 5 longstanding members (at least 20 years membership) and 14 employees who retired during the last 12 months;
  • provide 1 IT course;
  • assign 10 scholarships to members’ children;
  • organise trips to exhibitions and museums, archaeological, historic and monumental sites;
  • organise tours abroad and in Italy, summer visits to seaside locations and day trips;
  • provide tax-related support for members, making a dedicated CAF (tax assistance centre) available to them for the declaration of income and payment of IMU (council property tax).

The National Association for the Disabled and Invalid Civilians (ANMIC) works together with the company for the purpose of the satisfactory inclusion of disabled persons or those with serious ailments (276 employees in Acea as of 31 December 2012) and, over the years, this partnership has assisted in removing architectural barriers present in the offices and an improvement in safety in the workplace.

L’ANMIC, recognised in-house since 1957, protects its members and offers them a number of services. It has entered into certain agreements, such as those with an insurance company and the CRA regarding the reimbursement of medical and health costs.