Financial disclosure

During 2012, around 110 studies and/or notes on Acea were published. 

The Investor Relations unit held around 40 encounters with Italian and international investors, as well as conference calls with analysts that cover Acea stock.

The communication of economic-financial information relating to the Acea Group was constantly updated in the shareholders’ section of the company website, where documents, information and presentations are available, both past and present.

An on-line version of the last sets of Acea Group financial statements is also made available (both statutory and the sustainability report) along with a specific disclosure section dedicated to ratings, where the opinions issued on the company by the agencies and the related summary reports can be found.

Once again in the year under review, Acea was assessed within the sphere of the KWD Webranking 2012 Italy Top 10088 research, considered to be the most complete and accredited analysis at Italian level on the quality of the on-line financial and institutional disclosure. With respect to the last edition, the Acea website reported a recovery of 3 positions in the overall classification and is in 68th place, despite having a slightly lower score, equal to 20.5 (scale of 1-100). The average score of the companies analysed has in fact dropped in general (from 36.8 in 2011 to 32.5 in 2012).

Table No. 70 – WEBRANKING ITALIA TOP 100: ACEA’S RANKING (2010-2012)

2010 2011 2012
position 60 71 68
score 31.5 23.5 20.5

With regard to the on-line communication of corporate social responsibility, the reference survey nationally is the CSR Online Awards 201289. Acea holds 28th place in this ranking, stable with respect to last year with an overall score of 28/100 (+6.5 with respect to 2011). In this case, the increase in the score has not led to any changes in the classification despite the expansion of the number of companies analysed in the panel, rising from 50 in 2011 to 100 in 2012.


  2010 2011 2012
position 29 28 28
score 27.5 21.5 28

88 The survey, carried out by KW Digital (a division of Hallvarsson&Halvarsson) in collaboration with Lundquist, examines the corporate websites of 102 high capitalisation companies present on the Milan Stock Exchange on the basis of 100 content-related aspects, defined and updated by a panel of experts and professionals, in particular economic analysts and journalists, with reference to which each company analysed is assigned a score and a related classification.
89 The CSR Online Awards survey, carried out by Lundquist, is based on a protocol defined by CSR experts - including the CSR managers of the companies surveyed - using 68 assessment criteria (for 112 parameters), on 11 sections of interest: overview, reporting, environment, social, ethics & governance, social responsible investment, navigability & usability, visual communication, interactivity, news & resources, dialogue & contacts.